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It never ceases to amaze me whenever somebody asks for a “Club Penguin Walkthrough” they really mean, just show me step by step how to cheat and win the game.  Back in my day, when people wanted a guide or a walkthrough, they meant, show me the ropes or guide me through this game so I can get a better understanding of how it is played.  Today, all it seems like these Disney brats want to do is just how to win and cheat and end the game.  As a former cheater myself, there is no fun in that!

A genuine Club Penguin Walkthrough is where somebody is showing you how to play the game.  They aren’t showing you step by step how to win, or secret codes.  In fact, the #1 spot isn’t even a walkthrough at all!  It’s just a list of cheats and do this and do that steps.  Taking away all the fun of the game.  If you are going to pay to play this game, at least make it last for longer than a single day.  Although to be honest, I’m not sure why any reasonable parent would allow a child to play this suckers game that gets them into the “wonderful” world of Disney and a subscription model.

Club Penguin Walkthrough for a Price

It’s rare to find a good Club Penguin Walkthrough guide that isn’t full of cheats or talk about pizza. But if you look hard enough, you can find guide like this one that serves as a sort of parental concierge of sorts. The aim of this site is to provide the very best sources of not only cheat codes but a true Elite Club Penguin experience that will help you get the most of the game without losing your mind or your money. If you know of a better club penguin walkthrough please contact us so we can link to it.

I mean if all you really want is a Club Penguin Walkthough full of cheats why bother playing the game at all?  That being said, some people do want a step by step, do this and do that kind of experience.  Pathetic really but that’s like saying you can drive, want to drive but you let your mom drive you everywhere all the time.

There’s some really good guides on Amazon by Disney that go thru all the stages of the game that give it a lot more background. It’s an online world with a huge story full of Puffle parties and pizza.  You may want to stock up on actual books for a good walkthrough as well as a break down of each mission and how to play the various console games not just the online version.

Club Penguin Puffle

One of the main activities to do in the game is adopt furry creatures called Puffles.  There are all kinds of puffles with different colors and of various costs.  Their attitudes vary as well.  Players can adopt them and keep them in the backyard of the igloo.  You’ll notice that paid membership has its privileges in this area.  Free membership players don’t get to adopt more than 2 and they are limited by the colors.  Paying members get the full range, the puffle parties and the entire gambit of colors.

Club Penguin Walkthrough by Mr. Penguin Himself

Mission 1 – Case of the Missing Puffles

Start off with Agent G and get stuff.  Pull levers.  Run over and talk to a bunch of AI characters and follow directions.

Mission 2 – G’s Secret Mission

Pretty much the same as above.  It’s a secret so I can’t tell you.

Mission 3 – Case of the Missing Coins

Missing coins?  Oh no!  Time to find them.  Just ask.  Some other penguin is bound to spill the beans.

Mission 4 – Avalanche Rescue

Time to be a hero or a zero.  This mission is so much fun that when you are done, you will want to play it again.

Mission 5 – Secret of the Fur

Sounds like an adult theme.  Whatever.  Please keep this one a secret.  Nobody like a party pooper.

Mission 6 – Questions For A Crab

More like a question for a sea creature.  Again, pull some levers, look for missed placed puffles.  Ask questions.

Mission 7 – Clockwork Repairs

Seriously you though I was going to give away the keys to the kingdom here?  If you really want a guide, check the video link below.  Best thing ever.  You’ll get all the deets and easter eggs.

And the latest Club Penguin Walkthrough video is a must see.

Here is what no parent is ever told as the kiddies go looking for more cheat guides to find the tallest mountain or the code to the gadget room.  Each elite penguin can acquire a pet Puffle to place into your inventory.  These things are tiny furry animals.  You can buy them.  Lots of colors to choose from and your penguin can place them in the backyard of the igloo.  You can keep upwards of 12 of these guys.  Now if you opt not to pay to play, you just get a few colors to pick from and a maximum of 2.  An important point to remember is that all the guides I’ve run across, nobody gets into the details of the puffles or how to acquire them.  It’s not essential to winning the game but it adds an element of fun.

The Biggest Problems with All Club Penguin Walkthrough Guides and Advice Sites is:

  1. Nothing but Do This; Do That poorly written instructions.  It’s not advice if you are telling the person precisely how to do it
  2. Thoughtless copy and paste pieces
  3. They rarely differentiate between the online game and the console games.  Which are not the same but you won’t know that until you try
  4. Any good guide will give you cheats but the very best link to videos, the official sites and security tips for moms and dads
  5. Pizza.  All this talk about pizza makes me hungry and yet you never actually get any of it.  Annoying

Club Penguin is Moderated by Staff and Veteran Players

An important point to make about this game is that it’s policed.  There are moderators, veteran players and staff that keep an eye for swearing and other suspicious behavior.  Disney created this to be a game for children and they are quite serious about keeping the peace.  It’s okay to cheat I suppose but nobody should be using Club Penguin like a Tinder or a hookup site.  This site has a lot of security precautions so that parents can have peace of mind when their kids are playing the game.

Play along with ThinkNoodles with this convenient YouTube playlist broken down per mission!

Comprehensive Club Penguin Walkthrough

The Puffles Penguin Tracker

One more essential feature of Club Penguin field ops may be the club penguin tracker. This is really important the parents of the kiddies. This center keeps the track of enough time that the young ones have actually allocated to the overall game. The parents for the kid may also set the restrictions on this game. This means they are able to set the hours the kids, additionally the kids will not be able to spend more time onto it. This is certainly a straightforward to utilize limitations for the benefit of your son or daughter and how many hours they spend looking for the lighthouse beacon.

Before you leave this site, drop me an email and tell me how you intend to make the world a better place.  And by that I mean, no more looking or searching for penguin mission cheats or Club Penguin Walkthrough guides full of tips and tricks to win the game.  If you are going to drop coin to buy puffles and eat faux pizza, at least enjoy the journey.  But if you must use club penguin cheats, I think the video link above is your best bet.  This ThinkNoodles dude has really gone thru all the missions and at least makes it the most entertaining Club Penguin Walkthrough you’ll ever watch.  Now go have fun looking for the computer disk or the paper clip.

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