Club Penguin Walkthrough Unofficial Haters Guide

Last Updated: July 25th, 2016 When I sat down and started this website focused on a club penguin walkthrough, I nearly had a seizure when I started playing.   I had no idea it was based on a snowy virtual world where kids play games and interact with other kids under the avatar of a penguin which you can customize and build igloos.  I mean if this description doesn’t make you vomit, I don’t know what would. I vowed never to start a website about a topic I knew nothing about as that would just clutter the web.  Fact is, there’s always room for one more website and the more I learned about Disney’s Club Penguin the less and less I liked the concepts.  To be fair, at the peak, there were over 200 million registered users in 2007!  That’s when it struck me.  Why not write an Unofficial Guide to not wasting more time on the Internet with what I’d consider to be one of the worst online games around.

Club Penguin Walkthrough

If you are looking for the Club Penguin Walkthough Walk-Away from it guide, you’ve found it! Most sites are promoting cheat codes, workarounds and generalized step by step mission instructions. You’ll find our Club Penguin Walkthrough touches upon those points but is focused on educating parents so they know what type of game their kids are playing. After spending a few hours with other Club Penguin Walkthrough sites, I found it to be the ultimate time suck. Be warned, it’s massive, never ending and ultimately like most games, requires a subscription if you want to excel. Next time little Johnny, Nancy, Malcom, etc try and hit you up for another 3 months extension, you will be ready.

Club Penguin, created by Disney is a well known digital gaming globe for kiddies and elders. Within web site the youngsters can cause penguin secret agent characters, do talk to other penguins and that can play these interesting games in the many favorable video gaming environment. The membership of this site is free. The paid members have more privileges like shopping and purchasing garments and decorating the igloo.

Club Penguin is designed for kids ages 6-14 but is open to all ages.  Trust me on this one, at 43 it’s really not open to you unless you have issues.  I like a free online game as much as the next person but this really needs to be capped at 12.  I wonder if Jared from Subway got his start by looking for a Club Penguin Walkthrough and then got just a bit too excited about the game?

That makes me an old guy complaining about a kids game.  But when I felt Disney forced me to watch 3 movies called Spy Kids, this felt good to learn about Club Penguin that warned parents.  It’s easy to get sucked into this massive online world of penguin secret agents.  The game has been accused of teaching kids to be consumers and to look for club penguin cheats.  On my journey writing this Club Penguin walkthrough, I even came across people volunteering to make a movie and play various penguin characters.  They probably aren’t this enthusiastic to vote.

There’s places like the gift shop, the sport shop, the boiler room and the gadget room.  When you first start, it all happens in penguin force command, the central headquarters.  You will do missions like searching for the missing puffles or the missing coins.  Some people consider a Club Penguin Walkthrough guide to be of the survival guide for the game.

Truthfully, all games except Chutes and Ladders teach those American values.  But you should aware this is a huge game, lots of activities and game play that parents need to be aware of or else you will be surprised when your child is asking for a subscription to play the club penguin.  We believe this Club Penguin Walkthrough will help adults better decide if your super cool kid can become the elite penguin.

Club Penguin Walkthrough – A Parent’s Guide to The Club Penguin

Oh I’m sorry … you thought your kid could play club penguin missions for free?  Technically you can but like most games you find for kids and adults these days, most require you to unlock certain items to continue, pay to save, customize your avatar and generally really play the game in it’s full mode.  Sure you can mess around for free but when your child can’t get the latest gem or the bigger igloo, $7.95 seems like a small price to pay for peace.

Unless you truly unlock the full game, most of the club penguin walkthrough guides you will find, talk and explain items and quests you simply cannot do.  It’s Disney’s subtle way of hooking your 6-14 year old up into the world of a subscription model.  Which for adults, creates something fun called endless debt.

Step 1:  As a parent you should fully check out the Club Penguin official website and read all the fine print.  There’s options for your kids to chat with other “kid penguins” so you’ll want to be aware of that feature and how to engage or turn it off.  This is one site where I would actually read the full privacy policy, terms of use.  This may be the life preserver for your sanity.

Step 2:  Sit your little penguin down and explain the value of money.  Something nobody seems to do anymore.  Especially if you pay attention to Club Wall Street where it appears money grows on trees.  If it’s going to cost YOU $7.95 a month to play, YOUR child needs to know that’s a cost and they need to assume some type of chores without any questions in order to play the game.  If not, you can simply loan them the money at a fair 19.6% interest rate and get them ready for the adult game called Credit Card Debt.

Step 3:  Go over the membership levels and see if buying a temporary gift card to active your account might make more sense than a small monthly payment that can easily sneak under the radar.  I mean who knows, you might end up paying for a year and find out little Annie doesn’t even play Club Penguin anymore.  Maybe she coded her own club penguin walkthrough blog that ranks #1 and brings in $400 a month in Adwords revenue?

Here’s the current membership prices from the official club penguin website.

Club Penguin Walkthrough Talks Membership Pricing

To be fair, they do warn you in teeny tiny print a the bottom:

All memberships automatically renew unless canceled. Prices subject to change. Some member features require qualifying gameplay.

If you are wondering what that club penguin membership fee will get your child who plays a game popular in 2007-09 it’s the following:

  • Personalize an elite penguin and customize igloos
  • Play more mini-game levels and earn rare quest prizes and some pizza
  • Collect clothing, items, and adopt up to 75 pets and chill in the coffee shop
  • Unlimited access to new content every month including the snow forts

They charge you so they can keep the commitment to a safe and fun environment.  I mean folks, this is Disney.  It’s a business.  The skills your child will learn are things like keyboarding and creative skills!  Among learning how to consume but that’s not mentioned.  Okay let’s talk secret agent missions because after all, the game is about creating a super elite penguin and then doing things like missions to unlock items so here’s what you will need.

The Club Penguin Walkthrough Missions:

Doing the unthinkable I’ll guide you thru each of the official missions.  Now listen carefully, if you want to enjoy the game, you’ll just play it until the end and find all the easter eggs.  But if you can’t wait, here you go:

Club Penguin : Case Of The Missing Puffles – PSA Mission #1
Club Penguin : Gary’s Secret Mission – PSA Mission #2
Club Penguin : Case Of The Missing Coins – PSA Mission #3
Club Penguin : Avalanche Rescue – PSA Mission #4
Club Penguin : Secret Of The Fur – PSA Mission #5
Club Penguin : Questions For A Crab – PSA Mission #6
Club Penguin : Clockwork Repairs – PSA Mission #7

Now here’s the real shocker!  There are 7+ PSA Missions that are covered under any decent Club Penguin Walkthrough.  In this guide, I’ll talk about the magnificent 7 but you’ll find the video below covers everything you need to know how to cheat your way to the best igloo around.

You can purchase books that will detail each mission and all the hidden gems and secrets lurking in the game.  One of the better Club Penguin Walkthrough books can be found on Amazon that is in full color and details the unique details of each puffle.  What you do not want is a step by step book that just tells you exactly what to do.  Everybody needs some help sometime when they get stuck but make sure you look for a book that keeps the game fun and interesting.  I have personally played a few games where I was more focused on completing the missions than having fun.  The point of this game is to enjoy it and socialize, collect different igloos and challenge yourself with updated a new missions.  So be certain any type of club penguin walkthrough video or website does not give away everything and ruin the intent of the game which is to have fun.

The Black Puffle

One of the most annoying things about Club Penguin is the ability for members, paying that is, to collect these furry pets called Puffles.  The Black Puffle is a special one known for their pissy attitude and grumpiness.  Just what you always wanted!  Most Club Penguin Walkthrough guides simply show you how to cheat or become an agent but the best ones talk about the various puffles and how members can adopt them.  There is a green puffle in case you were wondering.

Puffle Parties

With well over 15 such confirmed events, there are lots of these Club Penguin parties that go on during the year.  The Zootopia Party is confirmed for 2016 and will happen in May.  Not many blogs will mention these parties but any self respecting member will attend as they are an opportunity to adopt new and interesting puffles.

[VIDEO] Club Penguin Missions Walkthrough

Hey, if you’re bored, you can spend 1:15:32 watching this Club Penguin mission video.  In the best interest of life though, you’d be better served watching a documentary about actual penguins and how they live than spending an hour watching a cartoon bird go through life haphazardly.  Fact is … most everything about this overplayed game are done.  The top sites don’t even have many members anymore.  And if you ask why, it’s because it’s an old game that was played on the PC years ago.  With the ADD of this generation, I’m sure kids are already off playing way more expensive console games.

To be honest, I do not know of any self respecting family that would allow their child to play this game or spend more time looking down at a screen or trying to find a rubber ring shooter.   I can only hope the next version includes some type of safety for the secret agent penguins against gators eating the babies in the park.  But if you are such a person that allows your kid to play, you should follow the Official Disney Twitter channel for more Club Penguin Walkthrough tips and a way to contact the developers and beg for your dignity back.

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