Why Become a Member of Club Penguin Walkthrough?

One of the many benefits of officially joining Disney’s Club Penguin is to get unlimited access to everything that is offered in a low monthly membership fee.  Some of the many benefits of becoming a member are design and customize your own penguin and the igloos they live in.  Tons more mini-game play and access to rare and unique quest awards.  Snag clothing and other items plus the ability to collect up to 75 pets or puffles.  Access to monthly updates to levels and other Club Penguin content.  With just a single month of membership access you will be treated to more including games, quests, clothing, items and penguin parties and premium content.

Reasons to Become a Club Penguin Walkthrough Member

Unlimited Access to Games and Quests:

  • Play levels only available to Club Penguin members
  • Drag along your puffles into play to earn more coins
  • Discover unique and rare member only quest prizes
  • Access to Club Penguin parties!  So far there have been 15 worldwide parties
Why Become a Club Penguin Walkthrough Member?

With multiple ways to get a monthly or yearly access to Club Penguin, there are many reasons to try out an unlimited membership. Joining the Club Penguin Walkthrough game by Disney doesn’t have to be hard. Sign up, cancel any time and be assured the commitment and safety for all players by our trained and competent staff at Disney.

Unlimited Access to Pets, Clothing and other Items:

  • No limits to the number of clothing combinations you can create
  • Keep your penguin up to date with the latest clothing fashions
  • Care and keep upwards of 75 pets instead of the maximum 2 as a non-paying member
  • Be a real estate mogul as you can own unlimited igloos and decorate however you wish

Unlimited New Club Penguin Content:

  • Be invited to a new penguin party every month
  • New quests and rooms updated monthly
  • Access to the latest clothing styles
  • New furniture that you can add to your igloos any time
  • Check out What’s New with Club Penguin to see how often content is updated

What Type of Club Penguin Memberships Can You Purchase?

Recurring memberships are available in 1, 6 and 12 month plans that can be purchased online.  Gift cards can be purchased in selected retail stores or online in 1, 3, 6 and 12 month plans that will terminate at the specified time after activated.  You can also purchase a Club Penguin gift membership online

All Memberships are Renewed Unless Specifically Cancelled

As a parent please ensure your child is signed up for the right membership timeframe.  Maybe you want a simple monthly membership?  Or you can use a gift card for a specified period of time play.  Or yearly if you wish.  Just be aware that any Club Penguin membership will automatically renew (on certain credit card memberships only) unless cancelled.  If you are unsure, simply purchase a single 1 month gift card to ensure there are no renewals without your permissions.  This is our preferred way to test drive the unlimited content without having to comitt to a subscription service.

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