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http://clubpenguinwalkthroughz.com is just about the most if not THE best site for all your Club Penguin needs.  We’ve got links to reveal codes, some of the best club penguin walkthrough guides anywhere and slews of other ways to waste your time!  Without further adieu … Meet the Club Penguin Walkthrough Guru!

club penguin walkthrough guru

This is how I felt after just 20 minutes of playing Club Penguin. Is that the face and look you want? I didn’t think so. My loss and never get those 20 minutes back, is your warning that if you found this site and your kid wants to play Club Penguin, run don’t walk! Block the site using whatever software you can and make it a dirty word in your household. There’s so many better ways to waste time. But if you are serious about finding a Club Penguin Walkthrough I’ll hook you up. The links on this page are curated to be the best of the best. NO cliche there.

I created this blog to curate some of the best Club Penguin links to the official sites, hand curated walkthrough guides and a parent’s warning in case your child decides they’d rather not buy stocks but invest in time sucks and subscription services.  The game is geared towards 6-14 year old but it open to all ages.  That as a parent should concern you.  It’s not like some old dude won’t sign up, pretend to be penguin and social engineer your kid into giving up personal information!  Be warned, Disney does a fantastic job of moderating but as a parent, you best be aware this isn’t just some online play by yourself game.  It’s a massive online multi-player kids game.

According to the FCC and FTC and probably SEC, I’m obligated to tell you this might be considered an affiliate site.  There is 1 Google Adword per post but otherwise, all links go directly to various Club Penguin Walkthroughs or to the official Disney Club Penguin site.  No other affiliate links.  I’m doing this blog as both a warning and to see if I can show up in search results for a specific keyword.  Maybe I’ll save some poor parent the $7.95 a month.

Always always always read the fine print on any site you visit from this site.  Read their privacy policy, terms of use and other information.  I make no warranties, implied warranties or promises beyond this site for which I control.  Once you leave my blog, you are on your own.  I do try and curate the best blogs that offer Club Penguin Walkthroughs but that being said, I still can’t 100% vouch for what some other 16 year old might do on their outdated site.  So keep that in mind.

Quick Links:

I seriously any question any parent that would allow their child to play this horrible Disney game.  But in the event you do, I think you will find this Club Penguin Walkthrough to link to the best resources.

And in the event you try and copy my wonderful, handcrafted club penguin walkthrough content, I will slap a DMCA on your site or anybody else’s site you put my stuff on.